It just occurred to me to check whether or not you will be performing in Nelson park this year...I didn't see it on your itinerary so I thought I should e-mail while I'm thinking about it (you know, my thoughts don't stay long--usually they run away screaming).
:-) Robin
P.S. Love your website!

03.21.10Stephen Lee

Man you sound good

03.05.10Lauren Page

I have a new favorite jazz group! You guys were awesome last night at the Haggin.

John Griswold and I are launching an arts and entertainment internet guide and we want to list you! I've added your email to our list and I hope you will join us in helping to help the Arts thrive here in the Valley!

We will be sending out our introduction letter next week.

Again, thank you for a wonderful evening!

Lauren Page

03.05.10Arlo & Amada (The Two A's)

Dear Patrick,
We listened to your CD that you so kindly autographed for us on our way home (to Lodi) after last night's concert at the Haggin facility. WOW! Impressive! We did not get to hear it all as the trip home was ot long enough.

Steve told me it was the first time you two have played together. I think you impressed each othr. Steve is great at feeding "ideas" to those he is playing with. As I told some people sitting behind us last night that had not heard him, "Steve Homan is probably the number one jazz guitar man on the West Coast.

I'm still basking in the afterglow of your music making yesterday evening. Hearing (and meeting you) was a supurb pleasure!

Arlo & Amd

03.05.10Carol Sims

Ned and I had a great time at the Haggin Museum last night listening to your quartet plus Steve Homan performing the music of George Benson. It was a beautiful venue and you guys sounded fabulous. Thanks for a great evening.!
Carol and Ned
p.s. Please put me on your email list

01.14.10Anthony& Edmonia Moore

01/14/10 Hello Mr. Pattrick Langham, we are sending you this email to advise you that we are new fans of your music!!! Sir if it's not to much trouble could you let us know where you will be performing in the central valley.

Thank you from your new friends. Anthony & Edmonia
Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!

12.28.09Tom Boardman

Patrick, I heard this on NPR on the way home this afternoon. I thought you might be interested in the story. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=121969434
Hope that Colleen and I see you again real soon.
Tom Boardman

12.08.09Colby Abbott

Hello Patrick. You are a fantastic player and a great teacher - I attened Brubeck Jazz camp in '08. I came across this website and memories flooded back. I was wondering what saxophone you play? I believe it was a Selmer Mark VI, but not sure. I was also wondering what mouthpiece you play on? Your sound is crisp and really clean. A Brilhart Personaline is the model? Any time of yours would be great. Thanks and Happy Holidays

09.17.09Phil Maddux

Hello Patrick.
It's Phil (from your high-school years(i,e band buddies) Hope this message finds you well. The sound on your CD (seems) fresh and new...Keep flowing them out!
Best regards from Cleveland TN.

09.09.09Rick Glass

Thanks Patrick - My firend Al Lopez sent me your link. You've got great tone, man. Makes me want to start playing bass again.
Can you put me on your list for upcoming gigs in Sacramento, please?
Thanks again

09.02.09Al Lopez

Caught the group at Nelson's Park in Brookside last week and was stunned to learn we could hear and enjoy your group's level of jazz here in Stockton. I would expect this level in San Francisco, Los Angeles or at the Village Vanguard in NYC.. But, to hear it here in Stockton and in a park was a pleasant surprise. See you at the museum on Sept 12th.

06.05.09Art Reyes

Hey Patrick. I'm Art Reyes and I play trumpet at Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton. I was wanting to play "For Ansley" for a couple festivals that are coming this next school year and I was wondering if it would be possible if you could send me the sheet music for it for our bassist and piano player.
I love your playing and style and your album.

Thanks a lot,

02.08.09Lakeidra Hunnicutt

The album is nice! Congratulations on your sucess. I think that it is so cute how you included Ansley and Previn on the album. But where is Mrs. Azella's track. I think that would be very interesting. Lol!

01.23.09Marquis D. Hare

Hello Mr. Patrick Langham,
My name is Marquis and I am a graduate student in the jazz program at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I heard you were coming to UT Monday, January 26th and I was wondering if you had time to give a lesson?

P.S. I enjoyed your CD called Growing Up Listening

Thank you,
Marquis D. Hare (saxophonist)

01.14.09Marcus Anderson

Hey Mr. Langham,
Dont know if you still remember me but I attended the jazz camp you had at USCS South Carolina. I wanted to reach out to you and say hello.

01.08.09Chris Hollar

You the man. I'm smiling now just thinking about you and the good times and gig's we had in Knoxville, especially with the Slackster.

Miss you man and thanks for being such a great influence on me. You taught me absolutely nothing about drumming but a heck of alot about great swinging jazz and being a professional musician.

Best to you

Chris Hollar
Director of Athletic and Jazz Bands
Texas A&M University

You are a credit to the profession. Glad to hear your doing well.

12.29.08Rebeckah Coleman

Patrick it is so great to hear your music and see your smiling face again. I am so proud of you and can't wait to show your site to my brother Sam. We talk about you often and would love to see a show. We wish you more sucess in everything! Rebeckah (White) Coleman or Sam's sister to you.

10.15.08william evans

I really enjoy your music young man. I grew up with your
mom & dad. Haven't seen them for years. Proud of you.
I wish you much more sucess. Tell your dad hello. I have
a DJ friend at Alabama A&M station WJAB, that thanked
me for turning him on to your music. Also a great and
easy website.

09.07.08Paula Sudderth Stewart

Hey Patrick! Cindy Taylor told me about your CD and site today when I saw her at church, so I had to check it out. You still have it! You sound GREAT! Congratulations on all of your successes, and good luck with whatever lies ahead in your future!

08.05.08Elaine Lawrence

love your adult listening style of music, there was a young lady who sung the song, My Romance with you and your band at the jazz festival this summer on the Miracle Mile, Pacific ave in Stockton, (Jazz on the Mile). Is there another venue where I can hear her sing again? she was fantastic and really did do the song plenty of justice.
Would like to hear her again, sorry, I did not get her name.

07.18.08Terri Basler

Hey there, love this site. After hearing some samples I decided I couldn't wait for you to send the CD (plus you are a very busy man these days). Just ordered my copy from CD Baby and can't wait to hear more. Amazing!

07.13.08Gayle Thompson Taylor

Patrick I am very proud of you!!! I saw your picture in our
home town paper at work while working 3rd shift.
I woke real quick after seeing your wonderful smile.
My family and I are very proud of your success. Blessing to you!

07.09.08Cindy Buckner Brantley

Congrats on the CD. Even in jr high school we all knew you had a special gift. I am so glad to see that you use it with such style.

07.07.08wanda ackerman

Hi Patrick--Congratulations on your success!! I was so proud to read about you in today's Cleveland Daily Banner. Many years ago, when you were in my first grade class at Blythe Ave. School, I knew you would be successful. You were a good student and a child I remember well for your sweet disposition. I can still see some of that little boy in the photos on your website! (I have your first grade picture in my scrapbook of students.) It is sooo good to hear of the accomplishments of one's former students. I wish you continued success in your career. It sounds like you're headed for the top!!!! God Bless!!!

05.12.08Phil Fuson

What wonderful things pop up in Google!!

You sound strong sir! Looks like you're doing fine. The kids are beautiful. Holler back at your leisure.


04.27.08Bobby Broom


I had the pleasure of discovering you via the AAJ website and really enjoyed your playing on the youtube clip w/ Frank Morgan. I was also very happy to learn about your position in jazz academia. Bravo!

I hope we get to meet and play some at some point.

Take Care,
Bobby Broom

04.16.08Audra Ratliff

Hey Patrick! Nice to see what you've been up to. Congrats on the album! Sounds great!

04.15.08Jim Lockery

HI Patrick,
I just purchased your CD and am really looking forward to giving it a listen.
Glad to see that things are going well for you out there on the Left Coast but we miss you back here in Sparkle City.
I am proud to say that I am one of your former students, even it was only for one lesson!
Best wishes to you and your family!!
Jim Lockery
Bari Sax
Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble

04.14.08Alan & Stephanie Hunt


We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished. The future is so bright for you. The cd is awesome! The first thing I did after listening to it was play some of the tunes for all of the band classes and jazz class. I am extremely honored that you thanked me on the cd, but more honored to have had a small part of your education. Thanks Patrick.


Alan & Stephanie

04.11.08Steve P.

Great CD. Congratulations!

04.02.08Priscilla Ellis

Hello Professor Langham,

Once again you did it!

I asked you whether or not your performance would be better than the last one and you said you hoped it would be. Well, I can honestly say that you out did yourself on saturday night.

Your rendition of "Georgia on my Mind" knocked it out the door!

Your cd is getting much play as I have played it at work, home and at my internship.

(remember this when you become famous -ha ha)

Thank you again,


Also, congratulations to you and your wife of the new baby! (Another jazz musician in training)

03.31.08Melvin Varner

I've just finished listening to your Cd and to say that I love it is an understatement. I've known you since before you could carry a Sax. or any other instrument and I'm very proud that you chose this genre (Jazz) as your life love. You know that I have been an avid Jazz listener for 40 years and I can say that your Cd is a great listening experience. I will show case it at my next club meeting (Jazz listeners of ATLanta) Keep up the great work and we look forward to your next cd... Melvin and Flossie...

03.31.08Pamela Wimbley

I am your mother's co-worker and we had a "listening" party at my desk to preview your CD. Great! I am a music enthusiast, being that I have a brother who is a former musician sidelined by health. I will definitely share your talent with him. We both love saxophone players. Great Music!! Keep up the good work.

03.25.08Carolyn Salcedo

Hi Patrick. This is Carolyn and Jose (your newest groupies from Matinee--the two that can't make the CD release party, but will be at every other performance...hanging out with Wendy's brother Alex and his fiance Adriana...yep, that's us).
I just wanted to know the website that you mentioned that lists the top 100 Jazz must-have albums for those of us new to Jazz.
Thanks for mentioning the YouTube files. I am watching all that I can find now. Next I will search for Ella singing "More than you know". I can't wait to get the new CD! See you on th 5th at the festival!
Carolyn Salcedo

03.20.08Ray Langham

What up Dawg? You've got a gerat web site! Wish I could catch one of your performances.

03.18.08Yvonne Chastain

How great Patrick! Your Mom, my friend, is so very proud of you. I wish you much success with your CD. I am really enjoying listening to your music as I am writing this note to you. I will checking about the download. Good luck in the future.

03.11.08Charlie Patick

Your mother introduced me to your music while we were at work. You go Guy. Much success!!

Charlie Patrick

03.09.08Carolyn and Jose

We have attended the first two Matinee/Empire sessions and can't wait to catch the rest of the shows! Thanks for injecting some life into Stockton and sharing your amazing talent! We'll see you on the 22nd!

01.02.08Brenda Porter

I just have to tell you how proud I am of you and everything that you have accomplish. You already know that Jazz is one of my favortie types of music Gospel is no 1 and Jazz is no 1 1/2 . I'm listen to you play as I write to you this bring tears to my eyes, do you know how proud my dad would be of you? WelI , I'm sure he has all ready heard you play that horn. Patrick good luck on your new CD coming out this year, now you know I want the first copy just sent me the bill and I will take care of it. Man I can't say enough how proud I am of you, I love you always have and always will. And remember don't ever forget who taught you how to walk. (your cousin Brenda) take care and I'll be waiting on my new Cd. you know what bill for me 2 CDs. Patrick don't forget you have a cousin that can play the drums I would love for you to work with him and maybe give him the hook-up on your next cd how about that, he young and easy to work with he is now 16 years of age and love Jazz as well as I do. I'm bring him up to the right music. He is playing with a guy that promots and produces music. Lashaun has stated his own CD as well but it not completed yet., he's plays the drums and the other guy play keyboard I would love to hear you 3 together when will you be this way in Cleveland,Tn Talk to you soon. Love you, Cuz

Brenda Porter


Cool site, my man! I just want everyone to know I knew him when...I'm really happy for you Doctor, congrats on livin' your dream!!!


Guess you wouldn't have any problem giving a brother a french fry now, would you?